Help us to carry our flag in their memory

so they may never be forgotten

Help the Cause

Our excellent network of affiliates is constantly expanding and we encourage everybody to approach us with their ideas on how we can extend our focus to include their local community. Our expertise lies in the areas of communicating our cause through trusted local businesses, community leaders, and other innovative spirits that have the capability to make a difference on a local, state and national level and inspiring them to take action. Our message and causes are not exclusive, but rather a unified vision of compassion and appreciation for the unparalleled service our men and women provide for us on a daily basis.

We are always searching for new candidates for our program. We understand that families who have endured such heartache may not be focused on searching for help from organizations or companies, therefore we are actively searching for them. We respect privacy and discretion among all other values and encourage our supporters to help us identify these heroic families so that the indisputable appreciation they deserve can be provided.

This is a synergetic effort and every person involved with the initiative from start to finish is an integral part of the process. Your effort is beyond value and every aspect, no matter how large or small, makes up a cause that is larger than any amount of money can buy.

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