Giving back to those who

gave their all


Benefits For Fallen Heroes was founded by philanthropist and entrepreneur, Robert Bishop. Through Robert’s vision, we have spread our exposure to a vast network of community leaders that have not only helped promote the initiative but have become crucial contributors to the cause.

Our Focus:

Our focus is put toward not only the financial well-being of the families of our fallen heroes, but the emotional well-being as well. Personal attention is applied to the rehabilitation of the children, spouses, and family members of those that have sacrificed their lives. Often times, families that have incurred such emotional trauma need help recovering and coping with the situation in more ways than money can assist in. We aim to help support these families of our fallen heroes by hosting, attending, and encouraging rehabilitation events that help speed up the recovery process. We understand how hard it is to lose a loved one, especially before their time and want to apply the same amount of compassion and understanding that we would with our own family. These heroes made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live safely; their families deserve our support for the grave price their loved ones paid for our freedom.

Our Effort:

Through encouraging the involvement of our community, we can stimulate awareness and gather donations at the same time. Our specialized events are geared to support our ever-evolving mission, while gracefully and respectfully honoring our brave heroes, fighting for our safety. Although these events are festive, they carry an ominous message of unparalleled grief for the tragedy that families across America are forced to endure. We feel for these families and believe that communities across the nation do as well. We know that not everybody has the capability to change a life through simple investment and use every resource made available to us to turn ideas into reality. We never turn down a volunteer and encourage you to contact us to see how we can spread the message to your local community. Our aspiration is to operate nationwide through affiliates that are passionate about the cause and desire to be involved. If you have an event or idea that you are already doing or aspire to do, please contact us to see what options there are in collaborating our efforts for the greater good of humanity. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming events in your area and please show your support for our efforts whenever possible.