Founding Principle

A country is only as strong as the men and women who are willing to fight and die for the principles upon which their country is founded and stands. Those men and women who commit their bodies and lives to protecting and preserving those principles are only as strong as the communities from which they come. The strength of any community is easily measured by how it honors, cares for, and nurtures its fallen warriors, protectors and rescuers.

When one of our warriors, protectors or rescuers falls in the line of duty to injury, disability or the ultimate sacrifice, the entire community is impacted because they are members of our communities. Therefore, restoring our fallen heroes and their families to wellness and wholeness is a mission that absolutely requires direct community involvement.

BFF Heroes was founded upon the principal belief that human healing is a matter of relationship between the individual in need of restoration and the family and community the fallen are members of. This is the principle of Restoration through Reintegration and is at the heart of BFF Heroes’ RREDC Initiative.