RREDC Initiative

The RREDC Initiative is the primary strategy and battle plan by which BFF Heroes seeks to fulfill its primary purpose. The Initiative is founded upon five pillars. They are:

  • Restoration
  • Research
  • Education
  • Development Planning
  • Community Advocacy

Through the practical application of the RREDC Initiative, BFF Heroes seeks to meet and engage the needs of our military veterans, first responders and their families in a naturally restorative and holistic manner, assessing not just the needs of the individual veteran or first responder but the needs of the family members most directly impacted by the fallen.

Through our Community Advocacy and Direct Outreach programs, BFF Heroes seeks not to merely restore our fallen heroes to dignity and independence, but to also reintegrate them with their families and local communities through recovery and community service programs designed to naturally heal and restore these much-needed core relationships within any healthy and civil society.